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Pool Rules

We want to keep you and other swimmers safe

In hiring Wood Lane Pool and Sauna you and members of your party agree to abide by the following terms and conditions of hire:

  • THE POOL IS UNSUPERVISED.  It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that those who use the pool can swim adequately.

  • Anyone using Wood Lane Pool does so at their own risk.

  • Each weak swimmer must be supervised at all times by a capable and responsible swimmer.

  • Swimming parties and individuals within them have responsibility for their own duty of care and must conduct themselves accordingly within the pool environment.  It is their responsibility to establish that the pool, the pool chemicals and the pool environment will not affect any medical condition they may suffer from, by doctor’s consultation if necessary.  A breakdown of the chemicals used, chemical levels and the air/water temperatures can be obtained on request.

  • The owners of Wood Lane Pool and Sauna assume no liability for your safety.

  • The owners of Wood Lane Pool and Sauna assume no liability for loss or damage to your possessions, please take all possessions with you when you leave.

  • Access is only permitted to the pool and pool changing area. 

  • Please park on the left of the drive, behind members of your party.

  • To access the pool please walk around the side of The Bungalow, passing through the gate.

  • Swimming parties must be punctual, especially with departure times,

  • Adult swimmers only, unless prior arrangement made.

  • No lone swimming.

  • No swimming under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • The pool is a shoe-free environment.  Please remove your shoes on entry, this maintains the clean pool environment.

  • Please remove jewellery before entering the pool.

  • Please always shower before swimming, this keeps the pool clean for everyone.

  • Should shower water not flow, please turn tap on in sink, then off once water flowing.

  • Please use the toilet rather than the pool.

  • Please remove pool cover before entering the pool (by winding handle, side next to changing area) and replace by pulling ropes, at the end of the session. (Left uncovered the water temperature will drop for next swimmers).

  • Swimmers must acquaint themselves with the depth and layout of the pool before getting into the water. 

  • Please keep all doors closed at all times (this maintains the ambient temperature).

  • No running around the pool. Wet floors are slippery.

  • Please no bombing, running and diving, as excessive splashing will leave the floor unpleasantly wet for the next party of swimmers.

  • No food to be consumed within the pool house.

  • Only water to be consumed in and around the pool.

  • Pool users must adhere to signs and notices at all times.

  • No smoking anywhere on the premises.

  • No property to be removed from the premises.

  • Hirers/users must always leave the pool in good order. 

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